I am an artist. I love to paint. Here I am with  my pup Henri in 1991.  Henri is waiting for me in the great studio beyond, but I have such happy memories of this trip to Massachusetts that I had to include it here.  In this photo Henri and I were  watching Grant fish in a pond in Scituate.  If I remember, the catch of the day was 3 Pumpkin Seeds.

Henri was my studio dog when I started painting seriously, and was with me when I opened my Newport Beach studio at 2920 Newport Blvd on the Balboa Peninsula.  In those days it was above Pelican Market, a great deli and fish market.  Nowadays people will recognize the building as the Newport Beach Brewing Company.  The studio had great light and french doors to a deck overlooking Cannery Village. During breaks in painting we could walk to either the beach or the bayfront, or over to Alta Coffee for a treat.  In those days,  Jane Elliot’s shop and studio was next to Alta, and we often looked in for a chat or some fresh flowers to paint.



This is  the  Gavilan, a Chesapeake style dory Ketch, out of  Morro Bay.  In the 1970′s it was owned by Professor Clyde Dease, and  was my “college apartment” while attending Cal Poly.   Maybe it goes a long way in explaining all of the nautical paintings !