Still Life


“Delphiniums and Yeats, A Nantucket Stillife” Oil on linen 16 x 16 inches.

Majestic Tulips an original oil painting on linen by artist Cathryn Hatfield.

“Majestic Tulips” Oil on linen 30 x 24 inches.

Origianal Oil Painting Daffodils by artist Cathryn Hatfield or Cathy Hatfield

“Daffodil Week” Oil on linen 10 x 8 inches.


“Satsuma Tangerines and Hydrangeas”  Oil on Linen 12 x 16 inches

Original oil painting of Bachelor Buttons by California artist Cathryn Hatfield

“Bachelor Buttons and Ranunculas” an Original Oil on linen  10 x 8 inches.

Original Oil Painting by Cathryn Hatfield a stillife with heather and Yeats, lemons and Ty Nant Water

“Heather and Yeats”  an original oil on linen   20 x 16 inches


“Full Sail Roses with Lobelia and Sake Cup”  Oil on Linen 10 x 12 inches

Still life painting by Cathryn Hatfield


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